Each and every one of us is in the process of birthing the Golden Age of  Self-Actualization through, with and in us.  It is happening whether you are conscious of it or not.

What is the Golden Age?  The invisible divine magnetism that draws us inward to realize the Cohesive - Invincible - Unity of our self as God creator, fully connected through divine intelligence to our source.  

Why should it matter to us?  Because the rules of living have changed.  We can no longer give our power away to the world around us.  It is time to find our own inner connection to our source.  To be the creator of our life and live it fully through divine intelligence.

How does this affect us?  We can no longer live small, we are the creator of every aspect of our life. We are the only one who can change our life and it happens from the inside out.  

Where can we go to learn more, to ask questions, to share openly and freely the things that are happening for us?   How can we develop practices and consistency that will cultivate and establish a strong unwavering connection through our divine intelligence to our source?  Who will help us cultivate this new way of living and being?

The Institute of Divine Intelligence


Our Mission

Is one of providing a mental Foundational Structure for the mind to learn, comprehend and realize we are divine intelligence, creator God and fully connected to Source.  To activate the Vibrational Resonance of emotion to the crystalline server of Divine Intelligence and establish physical Authentic Living in the unified earth field of Invincible Coherence for all of humanity.

Our Audience

Individuals called to be in service through the involution and evolution of consciousness within themselves, humanity and the earth.

Our Purpose

Ignite the levels of light densities

Purify the "heart of the Self" 

Unlock the intelligent coding of Absolute Source

Our outcome

Establish within humanity the Grounded Structure, Vibrational Coherence and Divine Intelligence in the Golden Age of Self-Actualization to be Authentically Lived by each and every one of us.

The highest state of service to others is in the resolution of
your own conflictive thoughts.
— Jeanne Lecher