Source Flight


Source Flight

from 150.00

Imagine paragliding above the earth, being able to see everything. Sitting in your own seat, safe and secure, yet knowing someone else has the reins so you can see, feel and experience it all.  No worries of what to do, when to do it, how to do it, simply having the ability to fully experience.

In this hour session you will ride tandem with Jeanne as she maneuvers the reins so you can remain utterly focused and connected with your Divine Intelligence, so as to create a crystal clear expansive channel by which you are able to access your Source more deeply, fully and completely.  To have a clear sense of how to navigate the densities of light between the physical and your source. 

This experience invites you to explore beyond the perception of you as the body, to you as Awareness itself. Taking your focus off the identity of you and more into you as the space of awareness opening to Source.

The Activated Results: 

   * Intimate knowing of self

   * Inspired inner passion

   * Expressive empowerment

   * Purposeful living

   * Impactful service  

   * Motivated resolutions

   * Coherent thriving

Select Sessions:

The Tandem Sessions can be done in person, on the phone, video call or remotely.