Beginning October 5 - weekly group session

To develop and actualize the practical application of living as source in Every Day Life.

These session will provide a consistent space and place for those on the journey of realizing themselves as the source of all that is in their world.  

You will be presented with new concepts, practices and ways of living with the purpose of cultivating and strengthening the connection through your divine intelligence to the subtlest levels of your invincible source. 

As these practical skills are refined you will take it to the next level. Knowing how to navigate the fields of consciousness from the physical to beyond the known.  Strengthening that channel of awareness to the subtlest of levels.

Ultimately providing you with the recognition and knowing as to, when, where, how and why to make your next move in Every Day Life with unwavering certainty.

Each session will include stillness, contemplation and teachings to support you in a deeper, richer     living of life.

Come be curious and explore what is here for you.  

How these teachings can support you.

Join us Today.