Have you Noticed?

We are not in Kansas any more.  Humanity's consciousness has transitioned.  The eclipse in August has brought us through "zero point" and into a new space of opportunity, clarity and ease of direction as we stay in the flow of source.

There are enough of us who are doing our inner personal work, raising our consciousness and with the powerful energies of the eclipse, humanity and the earth find themselves in a brand new universe.  It may not look like it with all that is playing out in the world.  Yet it is the very state of this world that tells us we have transitioned.

The energies of the old world are playing themselves out as the light shines brighter on that which is unreal.  As these energies are seen they play out in the most unbelievable ways.  Like a child in an “all out tantrum.”  It can be found playing out in people, places, environmentally and cosmically.  In people’s physical, emotional and mental states of being.  The tantrum is the Resistance to what is.

So how do we deal with the tantrum? 

Become the observer of these occurrences without judgment, expectation or trying to change them.  Without adding emotional, mental or physical energies to them, they will play themselves out.  No different than a tantruming child will finally tire if they do not receive attention of any kind. 

Allow, Accept and Trust that there is a more expanded picture, one that is a “bird’s eye view” one that can see the outcome, one that we do not see because we are in the midst of the scene.  

Now some will not agree with this information and that is okay.  You will find the information that suits you else where.  We wish you well.

It is for those of you who feel the transition.  

Those that perceive, feel and know that things are different. 

It is you that the “Institute of Divine Intelligence,” is here for.  

In this new expansive space we are ready for the clarity and understanding of how to use our humanness at the highest potential.  We, humanity, are ready to know the power that can only come forth consciously through us in the physical form.  

It begins as we learn to flow as we, each of us practice dropping into the space of calm, silent, stillness within.  The space where nothing and no one can touch or disturb.  A place where our Heart remains wide open at all times, with no need for protection, simply being in full trust.

Where we know ourself as source and fully trust every aspect of our creation in every way.  

This is more than meditation or mindfulness.  It is a way of living once it takes hold.  It takes persistence, perseverance and grit at times.  Determination to choose and stay in the delight of living fully in every moment good, bad, mundane or magical.

When we do, life becomes blissful, within ease and grace.  A space and place so rich in creativity, cohesive community, enlightened realization through the alchemy of our consciousness.  You who are the anchors of light, change makers, educators of consciousness and way showers feel the truth in these words.

If you are intrigued or interested in any way come join Jeanne Lecher as she speaks

  ~ more about the time that we are now living in, 

  ~ of steps to unravel the mind, body, emotion complex and how to open it to it’s cosmic          potential, 

  ~ about methods to drop into authenticity, heart wide open, in full trust,

  ~ to the keys that reveal your cosmic purpose,

  ~ Q & A and dialogue,

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