Morning Contemplation

Most mornings I sit in open contemplation allowing the divine source intelligence to present the topic or topics of the day.

Today the topic is around an observation of spiritual teachers, really any teacher.  What is noticed is how they seem to start out with the expansive divine energy, information and teachings.  Yet, when they hit a point in their journey, in the desire to reach more people or as they begin to reach more people, it appears that the information becomes dumb down.  The query is what causes this to happen?  Is it, as they reach more people the energy is distracted out?  Or maybe it becomes more the norm?

What is noticed in the field is the energy and information becomes watered down and loses it's full potential.  The initial purpose and meaning within the information becomes distorted and no longer holds the original purpose and meaning.

Then the contemplation moves to, what if the teachers held the full potential of the energy and information that they were bringing through and simply allowed people to experience it, to simply be in the energy, no words.  

Allowing people to take in and assimilate the energy and information through their own SoulBody Network (the body, mind, emotion, spirit complex.) 

What if following that experience the people had an open authentic (without ego, open hearted) conversation about their experience. 

The purpose being that each person develops a greater understanding of their own SoulBody Network.  The goal being that of learning how their system opens or closes, brings through, assimilates, and clarifies energy and information. 

What if the expanded purpose of knowing how to use one's, refined SoulBody Network gave each individual the ability to create the true authenticity of living life as source.

Thus bringing this contemplation to the passion that runs through the Institute of Divine Intelligence which is, for each individual to be their own guru in life.  To know their own SoulBody Network so well that there is no need for seeking outside of one's self for anything, yet being fully connect through the flow of the open heart to all beings.

What do you think?  How does this resonate with you?