Authentically You!

So who are You?  Have you ever "Really" thought about this.  

Are you the things you do . . . work, play, travel?  

The roles you play in life . . . engineer, mother, human?  

Maybe the environment that you live in . . . family, Minnesota, universe?

Or are you the body, the mind, the emotion, or the spirit?

Really . . . are you any of these or do you exist beyond and/or include all of that.  When you really take time to contemplate you cannot be identified as just one of these aspects by itself.  

The paradoxical answer is that you are more than all of this and none of it.

So how do you wrap your mind around a paradox.  You do not, you can not.  A paradox is illusive to the mind, you grasp for it only to have it flit off before you get it.

So then how do we live in this paradoxical reality?  The answer is by coming to still point.  The calm, centered, quiet, grounded state.  This is where you will find the divine intelligence of the authentic You!

This is not a space where you live, it is a space that allows the flow of divine intelligent information.  From the still point divine intelligence flows through the highest perspective into form.

Authenticity is when your identity of physical form, allows the divine intelligence to flow freely between the levels of density from still point and form.

So how can you do this?  How do you develop these skill?  Through choice, consistency, tenacity, whatever it takes for you.  

The Institute of Divine Intelligence provides the physical place, the energetic space and open flow of Divine Intelligence.  We provide techniques, practices, skills, processes and the like to support you in Your development of the Authentic You.  The outcome of which ultimately is up to You.

Join us as together we develop this divine flow.  

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