Enough is Enough

Is it time for Humanity to say Enough is Enough and take ownership of our own creation?  Are WE ready to be the conscious creators of our own world, of the life WE live?  

To do that WE must look at where WE are unconscious.   Our unconscious thoughts that keep us bound to what WE have already lived.  Our unconscious physical sensations that have us believing WE are still in survival. 

These are the thoughts and physical sensations that keep us in a loop of emotional imbalance, in a state of continual fight or flight that robs us from living life in our highest joy. 

Let us be clear, the mind and consciousness are two different spaces.  The mind is analytical manipulation and consciousness is the divine intelligence that guides through inspiration.

Let us also be clear that WE are not the victim here.  WE have been living by default.  Allowing our environment to control us rather than WE commanding our creation. 

A bold statement.  Yet, that is what it takes.  A creator takes charge of it's creation through inspiration.  Again not from manipulation but commanding as WE rest in the inspiration of divine intelligence.

Just take a moment, simply allow these words to wash over the mind and body.  Not judging them, analyzing them or expecting anything from them.  Simply be the observer of the mind and body. 

The words may resonate as truth or the mind and body may rebel, through thoughts and sensations.  That does not matter. 

It is the Observation of the mind and body that matters.  To bring awareness and be conscious of how they respond. 

By observing it takes us from focused I/ME subjective to objective WE and opens new potentials and possibilities of thought and experience to arise.

Moving into observer of thoughts and physical sensation is the first step to becoming conscious. 

Once WE are conscious of how the mind and body are responding it creates a choice point.  Will WE choose to continue the thoughts and sensations or do WE change to a new potential.

WE have just accomplished the first step of conscious creation.  This is just the beginning however.  

It takes persistence and diligence.  It is simple, yet not always easy. 

The desire for change has to be greater than the patterns and beliefs that hold us frozen to the past. 

To Live WE must continually chose to become someone more than the year, week, day or moment before. 

This IS true authentic LIVING.