What about the Present?

We are going to begin this with another question.  Where are your thoughts? 

Thought is focused attention that is brought to life through the body as energy in motion, Emotion. 

Now regardless if the thought is unconscious or conscious, the body will follow a thought.

Yet, when the body follows a thought time and time again it knows the way and the emotion (hormones in action) begins to run on automatic and becomes more powerful each time it runs. 

If this continues the body becomes addicted to the hormones of action, which begins to automatically and continually run, creating a switch in the system.  

Now the body becomes the mind, leading through hormonal action that activates thoughts that keeps the hormones coming to satiate the addiction.

Thus creating a revolving closed system.

How can we open the system?

It begins with becoming the observer of the sensations of the body and the thoughts of the mind without judgment or expectation, simply be the observer of.

Keep bringing awareness to the truth of the present moment.  What is happening right now in this very moment?

Become persistent in observing and explore the conscious awareness that presents itself in the observation of the body and mind.

Turn that awareness into wisdom through the power of divine will and choose change.

In choosing change you choose the present in the present and open the system to new potentials and possibilities.

So. . . What about the present?

Author  Jeanne Lecher