What about the Present?

We are going to begin this with another question.  Where are your thoughts? 

Thought is focused attention that is brought to life through the body as energy in motion, Emotion. 

Now regardless if the thought is unconscious or conscious, the body will follow a thought.

Yet, when the body follows a thought time and time again it knows the way and the emotion (hormones in action) begins to run on automatic and becomes more powerful each time it runs. 

If this continues the body becomes addicted to the hormones of action, which begins to automatically and continually run, creating a switch in the system.  

Now the body becomes the mind, leading through hormonal action that activates thoughts that keeps the hormones coming to satiate the addiction.

Thus creating a revolving closed system.

How can we open the system?

It begins with becoming the observer of the sensations of the body and the thoughts of the mind without judgment or expectation, simply be the observer of.

Keep bringing awareness to the truth of the present moment.  What is happening right now in this very moment?

Become persistent in observing and explore the conscious awareness that presents itself in the observation of the body and mind.

Turn that awareness into wisdom through the power of divine will and choose change.

In choosing change you choose the present in the present and open the system to new potentials and possibilities.

So. . . What about the present?

Author  Jeanne Lecher



Enough is Enough

Is it time for Humanity to say Enough is Enough and take ownership of our own creation?  Are WE ready to be the conscious creators of our own world, of the life WE live?  

To do that WE must look at where WE are unconscious.   Our unconscious thoughts that keep us bound to what WE have already lived.  Our unconscious physical sensations that have us believing WE are still in survival. 

These are the thoughts and physical sensations that keep us in a loop of emotional imbalance, in a state of continual fight or flight that robs us from living life in our highest joy. 

Let us be clear, the mind and consciousness are two different spaces.  The mind is analytical manipulation and consciousness is the divine intelligence that guides through inspiration.

Let us also be clear that WE are not the victim here.  WE have been living by default.  Allowing our environment to control us rather than WE commanding our creation. 

A bold statement.  Yet, that is what it takes.  A creator takes charge of it's creation through inspiration.  Again not from manipulation but commanding as WE rest in the inspiration of divine intelligence.

Just take a moment, simply allow these words to wash over the mind and body.  Not judging them, analyzing them or expecting anything from them.  Simply be the observer of the mind and body. 

The words may resonate as truth or the mind and body may rebel, through thoughts and sensations.  That does not matter. 

It is the Observation of the mind and body that matters.  To bring awareness and be conscious of how they respond. 

By observing it takes us from focused I/ME subjective to objective WE and opens new potentials and possibilities of thought and experience to arise.

Moving into observer of thoughts and physical sensation is the first step to becoming conscious. 

Once WE are conscious of how the mind and body are responding it creates a choice point.  Will WE choose to continue the thoughts and sensations or do WE change to a new potential.

WE have just accomplished the first step of conscious creation.  This is just the beginning however.  

It takes persistence and diligence.  It is simple, yet not always easy. 

The desire for change has to be greater than the patterns and beliefs that hold us frozen to the past. 

To Live WE must continually chose to become someone more than the year, week, day or moment before. 

This IS true authentic LIVING.


Since the writing of Cohesive Harmony, the words "WE,Humanity" are wanting further attention.

The meaning of the word, "Humanity" is . . . joined together by common Inherent Qualities of being human; kindness; benevolence; well meaning.  

Human is our natural state as ONE and to rest in that clear state of being is natural.

When WE shift away from being united in humanness, chaos, pain, dis-ease, fear and lack arise.  These rise up to let us know WE have shifted out of our natural state.

 So the question comes, how can WE maintain the natural state of ONE?

The answer is simple, yet not necessarily easy.

The desire of unity as WE,Humanity has to be stronger and greater than the desire to be separate from it.


author  Jeanne Lecher

Cohesive Harmony

Today the words "Cohesive" and "Harmony" showed up front and center asking for attention.  As I observed these words, what showed up was how we, humanity have created this current state of being which is showing us where we are not in cohesive harmony.

The fact that humans believe, that in their being human one is exempt from living in the laws of one (do no harm).  That they get to do what ever they want, when ever they want to, how ever they want to do it.  Choosing to blindly give their power away to unconsciousness so to place blame somewhere else.  Not having to take responsibility for what they are creating through their thoughts, words and actions.  Then claiming victimhood of their own creation.

So what is the way out of the state we, humanity are in.  Reverse Engineering. 

Honoring the law of one.  The person, place or thing in front of you is YOU.  There is no separation, no difference. 

Being conscious is power.  When you are conscious there is no lack, fear or pain, because you are ONE with all things.  Again no separation, no difference.

As a human being it IS your responsibility to use the power of consciousness in your thoughts, words and actions toward the law of one.  

Humanity is the creator of this reality be Responsible, Conscious and Honor your creation.

Which brings us back to Cohesive Harmony.

"Cohesive" mean. . . when the parts of the whole work or fit together well, well-integrated; unified.  

"Harmony" means. . .the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

Together they mean. . .parts fitting together to form a pleasing, unified, consistent, ONE.




Morning Contemplation

Most mornings I sit in open contemplation allowing the divine source intelligence to present the topic or topics of the day.

Today the topic is around an observation of spiritual teachers, really any teacher.  What is noticed is how they seem to start out with the expansive divine energy, information and teachings.  Yet, when they hit a point in their journey, in the desire to reach more people or as they begin to reach more people, it appears that the information becomes dumb down.  The query is what causes this to happen?  Is it, as they reach more people the energy is distracted out?  Or maybe it becomes more the norm?

What is noticed in the field is the energy and information becomes watered down and loses it's full potential.  The initial purpose and meaning within the information becomes distorted and no longer holds the original purpose and meaning.

Then the contemplation moves to, what if the teachers held the full potential of the energy and information that they were bringing through and simply allowed people to experience it, to simply be in the energy, no words.  

Allowing people to take in and assimilate the energy and information through their own SoulBody Network (the body, mind, emotion, spirit complex.) 

What if following that experience the people had an open authentic (without ego, open hearted) conversation about their experience. 

The purpose being that each person develops a greater understanding of their own SoulBody Network.  The goal being that of learning how their system opens or closes, brings through, assimilates, and clarifies energy and information. 

What if the expanded purpose of knowing how to use one's, refined SoulBody Network gave each individual the ability to create the true authenticity of living life as source.

Thus bringing this contemplation to the passion that runs through the Institute of Divine Intelligence which is, for each individual to be their own guru in life.  To know their own SoulBody Network so well that there is no need for seeking outside of one's self for anything, yet being fully connect through the flow of the open heart to all beings.

What do you think?  How does this resonate with you?  


Authentically You!

So who are You?  Have you ever "Really" thought about this.  

Are you the things you do . . . work, play, travel?  

The roles you play in life . . . engineer, mother, human?  

Maybe the environment that you live in . . . family, Minnesota, universe?

Or are you the body, the mind, the emotion, or the spirit?

Really . . . are you any of these or do you exist beyond and/or include all of that.  When you really take time to contemplate you cannot be identified as just one of these aspects by itself.  

The paradoxical answer is that you are more than all of this and none of it.

So how do you wrap your mind around a paradox.  You do not, you can not.  A paradox is illusive to the mind, you grasp for it only to have it flit off before you get it.

So then how do we live in this paradoxical reality?  The answer is by coming to still point.  The calm, centered, quiet, grounded state.  This is where you will find the divine intelligence of the authentic You!

This is not a space where you live, it is a space that allows the flow of divine intelligent information.  From the still point divine intelligence flows through the highest perspective into form.

Authenticity is when your identity of physical form, allows the divine intelligence to flow freely between the levels of density from still point and form.

So how can you do this?  How do you develop these skill?  Through choice, consistency, tenacity, whatever it takes for you.  

The Institute of Divine Intelligence provides the physical place, the energetic space and open flow of Divine Intelligence.  We provide techniques, practices, skills, processes and the like to support you in Your development of the Authentic You.  The outcome of which ultimately is up to You.

Join us as together we develop this divine flow.  

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Have you Noticed?

We are not in Kansas any more.  Humanity's consciousness has transitioned.  The eclipse in August has brought us through "zero point" and into a new space of opportunity, clarity and ease of direction as we stay in the flow of source.

There are enough of us who are doing our inner personal work, raising our consciousness and with the powerful energies of the eclipse, humanity and the earth find themselves in a brand new universe.  It may not look like it with all that is playing out in the world.  Yet it is the very state of this world that tells us we have transitioned.

The energies of the old world are playing themselves out as the light shines brighter on that which is unreal.  As these energies are seen they play out in the most unbelievable ways.  Like a child in an “all out tantrum.”  It can be found playing out in people, places, environmentally and cosmically.  In people’s physical, emotional and mental states of being.  The tantrum is the Resistance to what is.

So how do we deal with the tantrum? 

Become the observer of these occurrences without judgment, expectation or trying to change them.  Without adding emotional, mental or physical energies to them, they will play themselves out.  No different than a tantruming child will finally tire if they do not receive attention of any kind. 

Allow, Accept and Trust that there is a more expanded picture, one that is a “bird’s eye view” one that can see the outcome, one that we do not see because we are in the midst of the scene.  

Now some will not agree with this information and that is okay.  You will find the information that suits you else where.  We wish you well.

It is for those of you who feel the transition.  

Those that perceive, feel and know that things are different. 

It is you that the “Institute of Divine Intelligence,” is here for.  

In this new expansive space we are ready for the clarity and understanding of how to use our humanness at the highest potential.  We, humanity, are ready to know the power that can only come forth consciously through us in the physical form.  

It begins as we learn to flow as we, each of us practice dropping into the space of calm, silent, stillness within.  The space where nothing and no one can touch or disturb.  A place where our Heart remains wide open at all times, with no need for protection, simply being in full trust.

Where we know ourself as source and fully trust every aspect of our creation in every way.  

This is more than meditation or mindfulness.  It is a way of living once it takes hold.  It takes persistence, perseverance and grit at times.  Determination to choose and stay in the delight of living fully in every moment good, bad, mundane or magical.

When we do, life becomes blissful, within ease and grace.  A space and place so rich in creativity, cohesive community, enlightened realization through the alchemy of our consciousness.  You who are the anchors of light, change makers, educators of consciousness and way showers feel the truth in these words.

If you are intrigued or interested in any way come join Jeanne Lecher as she speaks

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  ~ of steps to unravel the mind, body, emotion complex and how to open it to it’s cosmic          potential, 

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A Revelation July 3, 2017

There is a theme that is revealing itself in the world.  It is seen in the language people use, in their actions and the thoughts that they share.  People are consciously or unconsciously, giving their power away to healers, spiritual gurus or looking for the hero to save the day or do it for them.  

Why might this be happening?  Lack of self-confidence.  Maybe.  Lack of trust in one's self? Possibly.  Lack of self-worth?  Could be.  Yet as the exploration goes deeper more is revealed.

The qualities of confidence, trust and worth may be lacking, yet underneath these is simply not knowing what we are capable of.  No one told us we could, or why we might want to or how it might be done.   

No one told us that there is no healing needed, no spiritual wisdom required and no such thing as a hero to save the day or to do it for us.  

Not true you might say . . . But what about the pain in our bodies, the emotional pain that it carries, the awful things we experience.  We need the wisdom of the guru to tell us where to go and how to do it.  There has to be someone, something that will save us from our villains or do the work for us.

The purpose of the broader outside world has only ever been to simply show us and tell us when and where we are out of alignment or separated from our Source.  

Nothing can be resolved in the outside world or by anyone outside of one's self.  

So what does it take to bring these to resolution and move beyond?  Can it be done?

Yes, it takes the qualities of consistency, persistence, diligence and determination as we take the involutionary journey of realizing who and what we are.   Those qualities along with a good mentor that keeps us focused and helps us cultivate the alignment with our Source.

The results . . .

As we bring our pains and lacks to resolution, clarity is revealed.  

In that revelation wisdom shines through.

Wisdom provides enlightenment to eliminate the separation between the Self and Source.

Without the separation every ounce of lack falls away.  

All of this is simple yet not always easy.

The Institute of Divine Intelligence provides many different kinds of mentoring on the journey of self-realization.  Explore our Shop page.




A calling for something different. . .

People are becoming more conscious and expressing that their existing thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and even spiritual beliefs are no longer resonating true for them.  They are living life yet in their heart and soul they know there is so much more.  The searching and seeking leads them down many roads and paths, trying this modality,  this teaching about life.  Following this master for health, this spiritual guru, this financial wizard.  Buying into programs that will bring them wealth and abundance, bring them the love of their life, the body they have always wanted. Yet, nothing seems to provide the answer or fulfill their heart and souls knowing of a life that is so much more than all of this.  The world is filled with confusion, chaos and  information overload everywhere you turn.  Does this resonate true with you? 

The Institute of Divine Intelligence provides a space of consistency, persistence, patience and frankness that is missing in this world.  These qualities are what it takes to bring forth the Divine Intelligence within you.  Divine Intelligence is the soft subtle voice that resides inside and it is unique to you.  The Institute empowers people in:
~ understanding their own operating system
~ providing tools of connection to your own Divine Intelligence
~ learn how to navigate your levels of density.  
~ We Do Not do it for you, this is individual inner work.

The Institute of Divine Intelligence leads you towards your own Authentic Honest Living of what is being called the Golden Age.  The Age where humanity navigates life and accomplishes much through divine intelligence.  Not a make believe or imagined era of life, but one that is here now, one of genuine truth, freedom, reliability, simplicity and harmony.  It is here and now, even if outward appearances look otherwise.  

Are you ready to live the Golden Age?