Cultivate the rising of Divine Intelligence within humanity. 

Mentor the awakening of Self-Realization in those who are ready.

Inspire full expression of Source in the living of one's life.  


A Revelation

There is a theme that is revealing itself in the world.  It is seen in the language people use, in their actions and the thoughts that they share. People are consciously or unconsciously, giving their power away to healers, spiritual gurus or looking for the hero to save the day or do it for them.  

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"Self-Realization group Sessions" 

Providing a consistent space and place for those on the journey of realizing themselves as the source of all that is in their world.  We will then take it to the next level of knowing how to navigate the fields of density from physical to beyond the known.  To strengthen that channel to the subtlest of levels. Providing recognition and knowing when, where, how and why to make your next move in life with unwavering certainty.

We will present new concepts, practices and ways of living with the purpose of cultivating and strengthen the connection through our divine intelligence to the subtlest levels of our invincible source. 

Using stillness, contemplation and new practices that inspire, cultivate and empower us.

Join us 

 Live Event

Scheduled Dates:   

   July 26  *  August 9  *  August 30

Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm 

Location: Carondelet Center 1890 Randolph Ave., St. Paul, MN



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