Cultivate the natural state of Divine Intelligence within each and all. 

Mentor the awakening and realization of the power of source consciousness.  

Teach the skills to nurture, develop and harness the power of consciousness.

Inspire full expression of divine intelligence in the living of one's life,

unencumbered and authentically.  


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What about the present?

We are going to begin this with another question.  Where are your thoughts? 

Thought is focused attention that is brought to life through the body as energy in motion, Emotion. 

Now regardless if the thought is unconscious or conscious, the body will follow a thought.

Yet, when the body follows a thought, time and time again it knows the way and the emotion (hormones in action) begins to run on automatic and becomes more powerful each time it runs. 

If this continues the body becomes addicted to the hormones of action, which begins to automatically and continually run, creating a switch in the system.  

Now the body becomes the mind, leading through hormonal action that activates thoughts that keeps the hormones coming to satiate the addiction.

Thus creating a revolving closed system.

How can we open the system?

author  Jeanne Lecher

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Creating our future reality begins from within. Consciously taking charge of our SoulBody Network through our Awareness of self.

Becoming aware and realizing that our thoughts are the language of the mind and feelings are the language of the body.

When we become aware of the patterns and beliefs of our thoughts and feelings we begin to understand that they are all related to our past.

Once we understand this we have an opportunity to make a conscious choice. To continue the same behavior and thoughts or choose to make a change.

If we choose to continue to hold the same comfortable patterns and beliefs, no new information enter and our destiny is the past.

If we choose to change, opening to new information, we begin to reprogram the body and mind to a new way of being.

This takes practice, persistence and the will of consciousness to navigate the gap of change to a new future.

During the coming month, our focus in these meetings is to provide a time and space for new information and the opportunity to establish and walk our new future Now.

We will be presenting through instruction, meditation and conversation. Creating an opportunity to close the gap of change as we establish a practice, build persistence and strengthen conscious will.

November 30 - December 6, 14, 21


 1890 Carandolet Center in St. Paul MN



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