Cultivate the natural state of Divine Intelligence within each and all. 

Mentor the awakening and realization of the power of source consciousness.  

Teach the skills to nurture, develop and harness the power of consciousness.

Inspire full expression of divine intelligence (source consciousness)

in the living of one's life, unencumbered and authenticly.  


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Morning Contemplation

Most mornings I sit in open contemplation allowing the divine source intelligence to present the topic or topics of the day.

Today the topic is around an observation of spiritual teachers, really any teacher.  What is noticed is how they seem to start out with the expansive divine energy, information and teachings.  Yet, when they hit a point in their journey, in the desire to reach more people or as they begin to reach more people, it appears that the information becomes dumb down.  The query is what causes this to happen?  Is it, as they reach more people the energy is distracted out?  Or maybe it becomes more the norm?

What is noticed in the field is the energy and information becomes watered down and loses it's full potential.  The initial purpose and meaning within the information becomes distorted and no longer holds the original purpose and meaning.

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"Weekly group Sessions" 

To develop and actualize the practical application of living as source in Every Day Life.

These session will provide a consistent space and place for those

on the journey of realizing themselves as the source of all that is in their world.  

You will be presented with new concepts, practices and ways of living with the purpose of

cultivating and strengthening the connection through your divine intelligent consciousness to the subtlest levels of

your invincible source. 

 Weekly Live Events Begin October 5



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